Risk Library

Core Documents
On-line database index of current multilateral documents. An 'X' in the relevant key risk concept against the document means that the report contains substantive and direct information on that particular concept. The on-line database can be sorted by the 13 key risk concepts, by authors, titles and dates of issue. A direct access to each document is provided.

Forum Documents
These documents are the subject of an ongoing discussion which can be accessed freely by all interested

New Documents
The latest reports issued by the BIS, IOSCO, the G-30 and other relevant bodies. They will be added to Core Documents on a quarterly basis.

Background Documents
Documents which used to appear in Core Documents but which have been superseded by the latest reports. They are available on-line because they help users understand the current state of financial regulation and risk management. They can be sorted in the same way as those in Core Documents.

Roundtable Documents / Working Papers
The Working Papers of the various committees of the Bank for International Settlements contain analysis carried out by experts of the Committees or its working groups. They may also reflect work carried out by one or more member institutions or by its Secretariat. The subjects of the Working Papers are of topical interest to supervisors and are technical in nature. The views expressed in the Working Papers are those of their authors and do not represent the official views of the BIS, its committees or its member institutions. These papers listed here are not hyper-linked to other on-line documents on IFCI's canon, nor are they sorted by key risk concepts.

Smart Search
Multi-criteria search (such as issuing body, date of issue and key risk concepts ) of all on-line documents.

This option is designed to help the user navigate his or her way through the sea of regulatory documents on international finance. The on-line documents have been selected by IFCI's Advisory Committee because they are regarded as essential to understanding the current status of various aspects of financial regulation and risk management. They provide the answers to the "why and how of where we are" and point us to future trends in international finance.