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IFCI Risk Institute provides an introduction and guide to the most important official documents in the area of financial risk management.

  • A 13-point "Risk Management" checklist
  • A collection of "Real Cases"
  • A list of 13 basic "Key Risk Concepts"
  • A library of Financial Risk Documents
  • A Glossary of risk-related terms
  • A dynamic Document Index
  • A powerful Search Tool to explore
    our "Risk" database
  • A discussion Forum on selected research topics,
    moderated by the author

The site is organized as follows:

Introduction to Risk Management provides an overview of the main issues in risk management:

  • IFCI's Guide to Risk Management for Top Executives sets out the thirteen questions shareholders should be able to ask the management of a company about its risk management practices.
  • Real Cases explains cases such as Barings and Sumitomo which failed to put in place effective risk management procedures.

Key Risk Concepts provides a framework for understanding risk in financial markets. It explains:

  • The types of risk about which regulators are concerned (sources of risk),
  • Public policy objectives which motivate regulation
  • Main techniques which regulators use to achieve their objectives (risk mitigation techniques)
    and it identifies the documents in the database which are most relevant to the different risk concepts.

Risk Library contains carefully selected regulatory documents going back to 1988 from:

  • The Basle Committee and other committees from the
    Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
  • International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)
  • Group of Thirty (G-30) and other relevant bodies

It is updated regularly to incorporate new documents.

Document Index provides the possibility to search the database by Date, Author, Title, and Key Risk Concept.

Glossary contains a listing of some 3,000 risk related terms to assist the user in understanding the more technical terms in the documents.

Forum This area is reserved for interactive discussions on selected research topics. Specific subjects of interest to the industry are perodically selected by IFCI and published on this site in the form of academic research papers. Users are invited to log in to the Forum and participate in the discussion moderated by the author of the paper.

A powerful search tool enables all texts on this site to be searched by key words. The Smart Search enables specific searches by title, author, date and keyword in the library of regulatory documents.