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The Supervision of Cross-Border Banking

Annex A: Standard Procedures for Cross-Border Inspections

The working group recommends that the following routine should be followed in cases where the home supervisor wishes to undertake a cross-border inspection:

(i) The home supervisor should contact the host supervisor to let the latter know of an intention to make a visit to a specified branch/subsidiary within the host supervisor's jurisdiction;

(ii) The home supervisor should be prepared to explain to the host supervisor the purpose of the visit and what aspects of the branch or subsidiary it would wish to explore;

(iii) The host supervisor should be able to obtain an undertaking from the home supervisor that information obtained in the course of the visit will be used for specific and supervisory purposes and, to the maximum extent possible under applicable laws, will not be passed to third parties without the host supervisor's prior consent. The disclosure of information to third parties would be subject to those conditions outlined in paragraphs 10 and 11 of the main text;

(iv) The host supervisor should identify to the home supervisor any areas where access to information is normally restricted (e.g. information on individual customers), and the home supervisor should indicate where exceptions are needed;

(v) The host supervisor should have the option, but not the duty, to accompany the home supervisor during the inspections;

(vi) Where relevant, the host supervisor should advise the home supervisor of procedures necessary to comply with local/host country legislation and, where necessary or appropriate, assist in ensuring that these procedures are correctly followed to expedite the examination.


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