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Cross Reference Glossary 2

Risk Categories
credit exposure/gross current value/net current exposure/gross current exposure/net replace value/maximum exposure/expected exposure add-on/add-on factors/add-on matrix/add-on yield margin/cross margining/margin requirement/margin setting/margin roles/initial margin/net margining

Measurement Methods
commodities risk/couterparty risk/credit risk/currency (transfer) risk/sovereign risk/custody risk/default risk/delivery risk/funding risk/general market risk/interest rate risk/legal risk/liability risk/liquidity risk/market risk/operational risk/ principal risk/replacement cost risk/reputational risk/steelement risk/specific risk/systemic risk/systemic safety/tax risk


The cross-reference glossary offers a carefully selected list of documents for 50 of the most frequently used/ important words and phrases in financial regulation and risk management. It follows therefore that they are also the most extensively used words in IFCI's on-line document database. Since certain words are used synonymously, IFCI has grouped them together.
The cross-reference glossary does not replace conventional search tools, rather it supplements them. Its results have been filtered to list only the most important reports for each key word/phrase. This concise listing will save the user from ploughing through unnecessarily elaborate search results for the chosen 50 words. Users who want a complete and exhaustive listing for these same 50 key words will need to still use the regular search tools.


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