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Some of the key risk management issues facing regulators are highlighted here for discussion. To facilitate comments and feedback from users, IFCI is providing summations of the current thoughts on various pertinent issues close to the heart of the risk management community. These summaries come in two forms: IFCI sponsored papers and roundtable proceedings. Users are encouraged to send in their comments on the issues raised here. Access the
forum area

Read and comment the papers being discussed

IFCI 8th Risk Round Table April 11 & 12, 2002 in Danesfield House

Equity at risk
By Tim Shepheard-Walwyn and Marcel Rohner.
IFCI Risk Management Round Table Geneva 6-7 April 2000

IFCI-ARTHUR ANDERSEN Risk Disclosure Survey
IFCI, January 2000

Rethinking the quality of risk management disclosure practices
By Professor Rajna Gibson
Disclosure is now regarded as a key risk management issue facing regulators. Indeed the Basle Committee will issue guidance on public disclosure that will strengthen the 1999 capital framework later this year. To contribute to a meaningful debate on the issue, IFCI today releases a paper to sollicit comments from interested users. "Rethinking the Quality of Risk Management Disclosure Practices", written by Prof Rajna Gibson represents the thoughts of an IFCI sub-committee which has deliberated the issue for the past 12 months. Users are encouraged to participate in the on-going forum discussion by sending in their comments on the paper and related disclosure issues. These comments will be analysed by Prof Gibson and useful suggestions incorporated into future work.

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